Letter from a Muslim woman to the women of north America


To Love Your Neighbour Needs No Extensive Studies,
But Knowledge Does Teach You Not to Hate Him

It was in the chaos that followed the tragic events of September 11th that I decided, as a Canadian of Algerian, Arab and Muslim descent, to write this letter, addressed to you, North American women. First of all, to convey to you my feelings in the face of the wave of racism raised by your media towards my community, which was wrongly accused for all the problems of the century.

Secondly, because I find it important for you to get the right picture about the painful times experienced by billions of individuals around the world. This text, I hope, will break the barriers of ignorance wilfully maintained by the decision makers, here in the North as elsewhere in the South.

I have decided to exercise my right to freedom of thought and freedom of expression by spreading before your eyes the bleeding rags of the Great Powers' international policy, of which the Arab Muslim community is simply the scapegoat.

I want you to no longer ignore the wounds of humanity in the year 2002. I am writing to report on this human suffering, and also because I refuse to keep silent the records of anonymous victims of the political decision makers in the North, with the United States in mind, aided by the despotic and corrupt regimes of the South.


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