Zehira Houfani is an author and journalist.  A Canadian of Algerian origin, Zehira uses her writing and actions to promote peace and solidarity between peoples. The dramatic consequences of the economic models imposed by the big powers on peoples of the third world have moved her to write numerous critical articles, which have been published in the Quebec press and French press in Ontario. She has participated in meetings and conferences organised by community organisations and NGOs.  She has campaigned for equality and improved conditions for women in Arab countries. 

She has served as president of the "Association algérienne femme en mouvement (AFM), created in partnership with Alternatives AES, of which she is a member. AFM is a member of the World March of Women project that was initiated by the Fédération des femmes du Québec. Zehira is a member of the "Association des auteures et auteurs de l'Ontario français" and permanent member of the "Union des écrivaines et écrivaines du Québec".  She has published four books and numerous novels.

Her latest book Lettre d'une Musulmane aux Nord-Américaines deals with the inequalities of the global system that  condemns a large part of humanity to poverty, ignorance and leads to violence.  She denounces the policies of the United States which create conditions that undermine dialogue and international solidarity, particularly the war against Iraq and the 12 years of scandalous economic sanctions administered by the United Nations. In this book, Zehira Houfani has used her Muslim pen to expose the injustice experienced by her community, especially in the wake of September 11, 2001.  She decided to join the Iraq Peace Team delegation to live side by side with the Iraqis during this tragic moment in their history and to expose their suffering to North Americans and the world.  She does so with the hope of helping to build an insurmountable wall of NO to the war.

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